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Welcome to, a one stop resource for loans which includes lots of useful information (such as the different types available; what you need to know; FAQ; how they may help you etc).

Second Charge Loans

Second charge loans gives the opportunity for you to use the equity you have in property you own, as security against another loan. Having second charge loans means you have two mortgage loans on your property or home. Equity is the difference between the market value of the property you own minus the mortgage amount owed on it . Example: if the market value of your home is £300 000 and you have a mortgage of £250 000, then the equity is £50,000.

Loans for all purposes

There could be any number of reasons why you may need to borrow money. Perhaps you are looking to buy a new car; fund home improvements; get your garden landscaped; pay for a wedding or that once in a lifetime holiday; or maybe even consolidate your debts.

Many people will use a secured loan to enable them to get the funds they need. This is because often it may work out more cost effective than borrowing on your credit card or taking a finance deal from the company whose services you require. Secured loans may also be useful if you want to borrow larger sums of money.

Consolidate your debts

If you already have a number of existing debts, you may be struggling with lots of different payments to lots of different lenders. Debt consolidation loans may be a very easy way to pay off all of your existing debts, by consolidating them all into one simple, affordable monthly repayment.

Secured loans may also save you money overall, too, if you use them to consolidate existing debt, as in many cases you may be paying a lower interest rate than you would be paying on your other debts.

What are secured loans?

Secured loans are a form of borrowing that is secured against one of your assets (typically your home). If you have not encountered these terms before:

  • ‘secured’ means that you have given a guarantee that, if you are unable to repay the loan, then you will allow the lender to potentially recover their money by selling something you own:
  • ‘asset’ means something that you own wholly or partially.

Of course, a secured loan may not be the most suitable solution for you and a remortgage may be a more cost-efficient solution.

Benefits of secured lending

This type of borrowing tends to be suited to homeowners looking for lower interest rates and higher loan amounts than they may get with an unsecured loan or other form of credit. Also called homeowner loans, this form of borrowing may also be suitable for you if you require a longer period in which to repay the monies.

Another benefit of secured loans is that they may be easier to obtain than an unsecured loan. This is because a secured loan lender knows that if you fail to keep up your repayments, he could, if required, force the sale of your home in order to recover his monies. (Do note that if you do have a problem repaying your debt, the lender will always try and work with you first to resolve the issue).

This also means that if you are self employed, have a new job or who have a history of bad credit, you may still be eligible to apply for a secured loan.

Sitemap is a credit broker. In the case of unsecured loans, the REPRESENTATIVE APR is 9.3% variable. 51% of borrowers get this rate or less Representative example: - £10000 over 60 months at an interest rate of 9.3% per annum. Monthly repayment £206.86. Total amount payable £12416.46.


65% of secured loan borrowers should get rates less than our TYPICAL 13.8% APR including those who have credit problems. APR’s are variable in most cases. In some cases a secured loan processing cost may be charged, which is deducted from the loan on completion and included in the interest rate quoted. This charge covers the cost of property valuation, mortgage references, consent to register a second charge, land registry search’s, credit references, staff costs, marketing and variable costs associated with your loan and is on average 8% of the loan amount. The amount of any fee and the actual rate available will depend on your circumstances and will be discussed with you at an early stage. Extending the loan over a longer period can reduce your monthly payments but may increase the total cost of credit.